PR Koreans Overview July 25 2018

July 27, 2018

Contact: Jill M. Varricchio
40 Gleneida Ave, Ste. 310, Carmel, NY 10512


Traveling to the Hudson Valley NY under an internationalization program, co-sponsored by the National and Local governments of South Korea,  The Vice Mayor of Mungyeong City, Mr. Ki-Sup Kwon, who also is  a Syracuse University Maxwell Administrative Graduate ( Class of 1997) targeted and lead his team July 16th to Putnam County NY.  Mr. Kwon was well aware of Putnam County NY from his years working in Manhattan.  This initiative to establish a sister relationship with Putnam County supports South Korean government’s interest in expanding west in developing overseas relationships

Enjoying a private luncheon sponsored by the PEDC, held at Tilly Farm restaurant, President Jill Varricchio introduced the Putnam County Government representative, County Clerk, Mike Bartolotti, & four Putnam County’s 9 county legislators. They were from Districts 1,2,3 and 5, specifically, Barb Scuccimarra, William Gouldman, Toni Addonizio, and Carl Albano. Also in attendance representing Putnam County were two residents, Linda Purcell from Putnam Valley and consultant Juan Carlos Salcedo, JIREH Resources, site of the anticipated “International Accelerator” at 3691 Route 9, Cold Spring NY. They also were able to tour Carmel based government center and met with county execute staff to exchange gifts.

Why Putnam? Putnam County is most similar in its demographic, its proximity to major cities, the topography, business, and tourism attributes to the city of Mungyeong City, with a population of 80,000 and centrally located in the middle of South Korean.   Like Putnam County, they are less than two hours to a major city, Seoul. Their city also resembles Putnam County, known for its parks, recreational beauty and easy access via rail and roadways. Festivals, their Rail trails, and first ‘zip line’ in Asia are but a few of the popular Tourist attractions in this ‘city’ . Their South Korean festivals resemble Putnam’s wine and Chocolate, Craft Beer and Hard cider; they include traditional South Korean tea-bowl festival, an Apple festive and the the Omija or magnolia berry punch . Additionally, since half the South Korean population is spiritually guided in Buddhism, this City is fortunate to house the 1000 year old  Korean Buddhism’s ‘healing and peace through mediation” center. This World Meditation Village Temple, nestled behind Heeyang Mountains, has its main building of 65,033 Square Feet redesigned within an eco-friendly architecture. Increase attendance is anticipated.

In continuing the Putnam County NY hospitality, before departing for home, Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra, graciously made herself available to join them for their meeting at the Retreat Center at the Garrison Institute.  Here they shared similar goals and vision as the Garrison Institute is founded on the belief that action in the world is more compassionate and more effective when infused with the wisdom and skill cultivated in contemplative practices.  

PEDC President remarked that  “ their  timing is perfect as PEDC has a target to Identify  appropriate successful international candidates for  Putnam County Business Accelerator by year end that will be located in West Putnam County just minutes from the Metro North and Route 84.”


Reminder: The mission of the PEDC acts as the primary facilitator connecting local resources with opportunities to deliver economic growth. We work to cultivate and expand existing businesses and to promote commercial real estate in order to attract new business. We market county assets such as proximity to NYC, our Metro-North transit links, our infrastructure and highly skilled work force. We advocate for development projects among municipalities and planning boards to ensure the growth of our county’s tax base. We educate and assist local nonprofits, small businesses and municipalities with incentive and grant programs from NYS, from utility companies and from other funding sources. We strive for balanced growth throughout the county to meet the needs of our broad audience.