Putnam County Tourism: Facts and Figures

June 14, 2018

Known for its “Quality of Life” appeal, Putnam County Tourism has more to offer than just picturesque hiking trails and delicious restaurant options by the lake. Supporting over one thousand tourism-related jobs, and saving each Putnam County household an average of $214 a year in taxes, Putnam is not only a great destination to visit or live, but a fantastic location for the Tourism industry to develop.

(Source: Putnam County Visitor’s Bureau)

Spotlight on Putnam Business: Fahnestock State Park

Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, also known as Fahnestock State Park, is a 14,337 acre state park located in Cold Spring, NY. The park has hiking trails, a beach on Canopus Lake, and fishing on four ponds and two lakes. In addition to its outdoor recreational activities, Fahnestock is home to the Taconic Outdoor Education Center which brings in tourists with year-round day and overnight educational, business and team building programs within Highland Lodge.

Fahnestock’s Hubbard Lodge will host the Putnam EDC’s upcoming “Meet Our Directors” cocktail hour on Monday, June 25th from 6-8 pm.  This event brings together those who are currently doing business in Putnam County, or are interested in doing so in an effort to get to know the PEDC, its Board of Directors, and how the PEDC can work for their business. This is a free event with local food and drink options available for guests to sample with a bonus raffle at the end of the night! Bring plenty of business cards and get ready to make some new connections.

For those interested in attending please call the Putnam EDC today at 845.808.1021!