Manufacturing in the United States

August 27, 2018

Everything seems to have its own day, whether it’s a national holiday or a day to celebrate a topic that’s fun to take part in. One of these days is National Manufacturing Day on the first Friday in October, and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. This holiday celebrates the benefits of manufacturing in the United States and what it has to offer to our economy. Last year, nearly 3,000 events took place across the country. These events consisted of manufacturers opening their doors to the public where tours were available to educate the community on the benefits of the job and 21st-century innovations in the field. This gave manufacturers the opportunity to show the community what they really do and what manufacturing is.

Benefits of keeping manufacturing in the states

U.S. based manufacturing creates millions of jobs for Americans. These jobs help stimulate the national economy and help American families thrive financially. These community rooted facilities help employ the surrounding area, bringing the community together as one. Local manufacturers are also more trusted than overseas due to being a part of the local community or friends and family being employed at the facility. This creates a strong bond for business-to-business interactions.

Another important benefit that U.S. manufacturing has to offer is that it’s economically friendly. Overseas manufacturing can be a cheaper option at times, but shipping and transportation is a good deal of the process. Not only are shipping costs rising exponentially, but the pollution caused by the process of overseas shipping is also a problem. With U.S. manufacturing, transportation cost can be cut nearly in half or even more. This ideal alternative also helps to produce less pollution from transportation vehicles traveling across the world. Benefits like shorter lead times, less miscommunication (due to language barriers), and feeling more connected can also be added to the list.

Thriving brands that manufacture in the States

Most people usually assume that most products they use are manufactured overseas. Although many companies are in fact overseas, there are still thriving brands that manufacture their products in the U.S. One of these brands is New Balance sneakers. New Balance is a household name and competes with world-leading products. This U.S. based company creates hundreds of thousands of jobs for American’s, making an economic impact in the U.S.

Another household product that keeps their manufacturing business in the U.S. is Crayola Crayons. Once again creating an enormous amount of job opportunities for Americans in the surrounding area.

When Manufacturing Day comes around, be sure to check out a local facility and appreciate the environment created along with the steps that take place to make it all happen.

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